covers and original songs:

I'm a singer/songwriter

Back when it was safe for chronically ill people to attend open mics I would take my songs, my acoustic guitar and my untrained voice out to realise I’m more comfortable with a microphone in my face than I’ve ever been in casual conversation. To get an idea of what those performances sounded like from a safe internet distance, watch Still Dreaming (June 2019, my first time playing publicly to anyone outside of my music group) on my YouTube channel

There you can also find Battered and Brusised (my M.E. Awareness song), Autumn Breeze (some a cappella from when I was 16, if you’re curious about how I sounded pre-guitar) and Step Aside (in case you’re wondering what Sakara pretending she can play piano sounds like).

I’m considering brightening everyone’s lives (sort of) by heading to Instagram stories and joyously singing to my cats. If that sounds like your kind of thing, follow along. Aside from that you can find my contact details here for any inquiries or social media snooping desires you may have.

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